CoreTelephony CTCallCenter

The [[CTCallCenter alloc] init] must be run in the main queue. Is it thread safe ??? Better call it on main thread only.

There is an iOS bug that causes instances of the CTCallCenter class to sometimes get notifications after they have been deallocated. Instead of instantiating, using, and releasing instances you must instead retain and never release them to work around the bug.

static CTCallCenter *netInfo; static dispatch_once_t dispatchToken; if (!netInfo) { dispatch_once(&dispatchToken, ^{ netInfo = [[CTCallCenter alloc] init]; }); }



Basic topics a mac developer should know

  • MVC Pattern
  • Memory Management
  • Archiving Data
  • User Defaults
  • Localization
  • Categories
  • Formal and informal Protocols
  • Key Value coding
  • Key Value observing
  • Custom Drawing
  • Notifications
  • Delegation
  • Blocks
  • Threads
  • Core Animation
  • Debugging
  • Instruments
  • Predicates
  • Custom Drawing
  • Bindings
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