Create Windows Installer for XULRunner Application

Creating Objective-C++ XPCOM Component

If you want to change a C++ Component into Objective-C++ component then simply follow the instrucitons.

* The modifications are take place in the SRC directory not in the PUBLIC directory and Main directory.

* The file extension for Objective-C++ file is mm.

* if the C++ file contains Objective-C++ code then change the extension to mm.

* Place the Objective-C++ header files in the same directory wherethe source files are placed. Only mention .mm files in the Make file.

* Link the Objective-C++ source files in the Make file in the CMMSRCS like as follows.

        CMMSRCS = \
   \       // cos, It contains the calls to nsISample.idl and nsSample.h will be in the public folder.
   \      // objectiveC.h file will be in the SRC directory

        CPPSRCS = \

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